Aircraft Design and Competition

The ability to fly is a brand new capability of the human race relative to human history. When flying was introduced to the world back in 1904, it was world changing. Today, there has been the advent of miniature aircraft, all electric turbo-props, and the rise of affordable air transit. The Fantasy air USA project has been focused on the ability of flight to get to provide an affordable entry into the aviation field for most enthusiasts. Our major product has been in the Light Sport Aircraft field, hereby referred to as the LSA.

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Located at the Sanford Lee County Airport. TTA.
Sanford: N35° 34.95' & W79° 06.08'
We have been operating out of this airport for over 10 years. We have been using this airport for test flights as well as differrent competitive practice grounds.


Current Events

11/19/2014 | Garmin announed new 7 in. Aviation Grade LSA GPS unit. It is 100% functional with home built and LSA solutions to aircraft capabilities.

7/3/2014 | Allegro Receives FAA Special Light-Sport Aircraft Certification.


About Us

Fantasy Air US are the distributors and manufacturers of the Allegro 200X Series of Aircraft. The last one in production was the 2008 Allegro when the company was sold. Now the Allegro is produced inside of the United States and is distributed with the alliance of distibutors.


Fantasy Air History

Originally started in Czechoslovakia, Fantasy Air has a worldwide presence. Most of their products have been manufactured there, until the Czech Recession in 2006. This led to the ability of American company DBar to buy out the company taking advantage of favorable exchange rates.


Fantasy Air Today

Fantasy Air has been able to take advantage of the rising place of sports aircraft in the American Marketplace. Even though the design center in Czechoslovakia has shut down, the American manufacturing plant is still in production. Today, the Allegro 2008 is still one of the most popular LSA in the US.


Fantasy Air Tomorrow

While the future of the company is always uncertain, the rise of LSA has been beneficial to the production team. It is not entirely impossible to think that there may be an Allegro 201X Series eventually produced. The success of the Allegro 2008 has allowed the company name to survive another generation, but the day is coming when they may need a new product.


Aviation Quotes

There is an art to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
— Douglas Adams

The strength of the turbulence is directly proportional to the temperature of your coffee.
— Gunter's Second Law of Air Travel


Recent Product News

Fantasy Air UK are now working to have an EASA LSA permit to fly version of a ready built Allegro available soon.. This will be for a full 600kg take off weight aircraft allowing the Allegro to remain well within the legal weight limits even with the optional long range tanks carrying 103 litres of fuel = over 850 mile range.


Important Pricing Changes

Due to Production Cost changes within the United States, Fantasy Air will release new pricing schemes for the Alegro Kit. These will only apply to our specialty 200 Hour Build it yourself kit. We expect to see price changes within 15% of current value.

Important Event Calendar 2015

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